Franchise Opportunities

Dear Future Owner/Operator,

Thank you for your initial interest in Polish Water Ice. We consider it an honor when people recognize our product and the potential it has in the refreshment industry. We can assist you in taking your dream of owning your own business and having the personal satisfaction of seeing it happen.

One of our goals in establishing Polish Water Ice, Inc. is to allow those who get involved to free up some of their time to do other things. It may be traveling, spending more time with family, working with worthy causes, etc. My wife and I presently volunteer some of our time with a Christian organization, which helps inner city churches and those less fortunate in New York City. We hope to do more of this as things progress. Frankly, you can be as innovative and constructive as you want with your time. One of our goals in establishing a franchise operation is to enable others to enjoy the same freedom.

With our know-how, equipment, and trademarked recipes, the opportunities are almost endless. We adapt our business package to achieve your personal business goals.

The future looks very bright, or should I say “refreshing,” and we trust you will be a part of it!