About Us


Polish Water Ice is not the same as Italian Water Ice.  Polish Water Ice is a creamy soft-serve water ice treat that is 100% fat free, 100% cholesterol free, 100% dairy free and 100% delicious.

With its great taste, comes Polish Water Ice’s uniqueness. Rather than serving a stored product, Polish Water Ice is made fresh while you wait.  It couldn’t be any fresher!

Other Polish Water Ice products include The Polish Freeze which is Polish Water Ice combined with custard, The Polish Chiller, The Freeze and The Ice Cap!



Polish Water Ice started in the kitchen of Thomas B. Curyto, Sr. from West Chester, PA. in the early 1990’s.  The inventor, who comes from a Polish background, has a degree in Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering and has always wanted to invent a product that is “out of this world.”

Having always appreciated Italian water ice, he researched how to make it and came up with his own recipe. As he continued to produce this refreshing dessert at home, it started becoming popular among his friends, family, neighbors, and acquaintances. At times, they would visit Tom just to have his water ice!

After a couple of years of hearing these ongoing positive comments, Tom and his wife, Lynne, were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on a trip with a few friends.  Tom once again made his water ice for dessert and heard the usual comment, “This is so good, you ought to sell this stuff!”. Tom and Lynne decided that upon returning home they would look into opening a shop so others could enjoy Polish Water Ice.

In early 1997, it was decided to open the first shop. After Tom & Lynne reviewed their options, they decided to go where they could share this with the most people. They felt the boardwalk was the right choice and chose Ocean City, NJ. 

After opening, it became a success. Lines of customers packed the boardwalk and others wanted more information on franchising. Tom knew it was just a matter of time before it became popular, but he wasn’t ready for this instant success. It took over 2 years to package the product, obtain the Trademark, develop the Franchise Agreement, and allow others to join the team! 

Since going public in 1997 and obtaining the National Trademark, others have attempted to duplicate the product with little success. In a humbling way, their attempts to copy have been a form of flattery, but often imitated, never duplicated. We are the original and the best made the old fashioned way! 

Mission Statement: "We will offer the most impressive and unique dessert in the refreshment industry at prices that all families can enjoy.”